Secret Angel Week starts Monday |

Secret Angel Week starts Monday

This year our ‘week’ starts this Monday, December 19th and ends on December 22nd (four days). Each student is asked to bring their Christmas stocking to hang in the hallway (be sure their names are on them). 

Children are to bring an item each day of ‘Secret Angel’ to put in that person’s stocking (secretly of course) and can put their name on the treat for the 22nd to reveal who they are. These items may include a baked treat, small gift (don’t spend more than $3.00), candy, etc. -- use your imagination.

 If you think your child may have a problem remembering to bring a treat each day, perhaps you could put all the treats for the week in his/her backpack and label them Monday, Tuesday, etc. This is an important event for each student and they look forward to a treat each day. If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to contact Ms. Bennett.